The virtual warehouse: what and why

The virtual warehouse is a uDroppy’s game-changing service. It allows you to buy a stock of products without having to deal with logistic processes, and focusing on selling your products. 

We will store the products in our warehouses and take care of shipping them to your customers. 


Thanks to the virtual warehouse you can do dropshipping, but building a serious business

It gives you  a real control over the product. You truly own it, even if you don’t have to take care of dealing with it by hand. You will have a partner that takes care of every operation, granting you a quality service. Moreover, buying a product in stock allows you to decrease the unit cost so that you can save money. 


The virtual warehouse can also help you build your own brand customizing products and packaging

If you are selling in Europe, the virtual warehouse helps you better meet  the needs of your clients. How? Thanks to fast shipping and cash on delivery. 


uDroppy’s Virtual Warehouses 

Thanks to our network of logistic partners we have four different warehouses all over the world. We are in China, Italy, Spain and Romania

When you ask to use the virtual warehouse our e-com managers will work to find the best solution for you. In fact, the use of a specific warehouse depends on different factors: 

  • quantity, which is the number of products that you decided to buy; 

  • cost, the price of your stock and the prices of shipping; 

  • market, that means the type of your store and audience (e.g. international or local).

For example if you buy a low quantity of product (around 1000 pieces) and you want to sell it worldwide, we will store your products in China. Instead, if you buy a higher number of products and you deal with customers in Europe, the best choice is to use the warehouses in Romania, Italy or Spain. 

Moreover, working with European warehouses means having the chance to leverage cash on delivery. COD is now booming again, giving e-commerce owners like you higher conversion rate and customer retention

You can also benefit of an excellent customer service. This will help you give your customers a better shopping experience. Not to mention that you will also be able to do cross-selling and up-selling

Of course, using European warehouses will be more expensive due to custom clearance costs and the payment of taxes (e.g. IVA in Italy). Operations that will be taken care of by uDroppy, without the need of your intervention. We offer a tailored and complete service

The Virtual Warehouse Services 

Now that you know what is the virtual warehouse and you saw the benefits it can bring to your business, you want more. Right? 

If you are wondering what do you need to do to use the virtual warehouse, well, this paragraph is for you. 

First, you can do virtual warehouse with uDroppy in two ways. You can use uDroppy for the entire process, starting from product sourcing. Or you can use uDroppy even if you have already your own products


Virtual warehouse and product sourcing 

You have your store and you want to start doing e-commerce like a professional. You want to invest in your business, and in the quality of products and processes. 

Great, we can help you with that! 


The first thing you should do is to get in contact with your e-com manager. He or she, is the e-commerce expert that goes with you throughout your adventure with uDroppy. To get an e-com manager, you need an account, which is free and easy to create.

You will have to send him or her the link of the product you are interested in. You also need to communicate the number of products you would like to buy and any potential customization options. Last, but not least, you will have tell your e-com manager what is your budget

After this first contact, your e-com manager will start the sourcing process for you. He/She will get back to you with a quotation for the product you selected. 

If the quotation meets your needs, the process will go on, talking about shipping and warehouse options. 

Remember that timings are different. If you send the stock to the Chinese warehouse shipping will take around 1 week. Shipping in Europe, instead, may take from 2 weeks to 1 month (depending on the shipping method selected: train, plane, ship). Of course, the costs will be different too. 

Remember that our e-com manager will build the tailored and most convenient solution aimed at meeting all your business needs. 


Virtual warehouse without product sourcing 

What happens if you already bought a stock of products from a factory? Or from another supplier? 

Chances are that you may be in trouble because your supplier cannot fulfill the products. You need to find a logistic company that help you to do that. Even better if it can offer you automation of processes. 

We have many clients that comes to us with this problem. The best part? We are always happy and ready to help them with the best tailored solution. 

If you have a stock of product and you need a partner that will take care of stocking them you can count on us. What you need to do is to subscribe to the platform. Then you get in contact with your e-com manager and ask him or her to do virtual warehouse with us. 

We will take care of storing your stock in our warehouses and we will also ship the products to your final customers. All thanks to the automation of the processes in our platform. In fact, we will integrate the products in the virtual warehouse section of our platform. In this way you can fulfill shipping any time you receive and order. 

In this case you will only need to pay a warehouse fee and the cost of shipping. Since every business case is different, the cost of the fee will be different too (e.g. due to number of pieces or seasonality). 

Thanks to the virtual warehouse you can keep running your business and your marketing campaigns, without worrying about the logistics. This give you the time necessary to keep updated. All without renouncing to give quality and satisfaction to your customers

The virtual warehouse, or the solution to build a professional e-commerce business 

Do you want to take your business to a professional level giving your customer quality and speed? All without renouncing to a business model that it’s both simple and low risk?


Then you are the perfect candidate for the virtual warehouse. 

**Virtual Warehouse is only available to PRO and Platinum member

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