The average shipping time when dropshipping uDroppy products is 9 to 15 working days.*

This time range can vary depending on the supplier, shipping company and destination country as well as on other external situation affecting the productivity of our logistic partners.*

We had orders delivered in very short time, our best record is 4 days delivery in dropshipping, as we also had to go through difficult situations, COVID-19 emergency is a clear example of it, where shipping time suffered delays.

In any case, we have 100% reliability when it comes to deliver the product to your customers because all our suppliers ship exclusively through shipping companies specialized in cross-border eCommerce shipping.

Please consult the shipping tables in the product page to understand what are the shipping options available for that specific product and which are the shipping companies that will deliver that product.

Of course, being logistic companies our partners and not our own service, we constantly work to verify the respect of standards, both in terms of quality service and of time.

A good solution to shorten the time range is to buy a stock of product (check out more here) and store it in our warehouses. If for instance you sell mostly in Europe you can use our warehouse in Milan, and from there you’ll be able to ship around Europe in 48/72 hours.

*Please remember that shipping times can't be guaranteed during emergency times.

**Please be aware that for certain countries there might be some delays due to local post services and difficulties to reach the country, i.e islands.

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