Being one of our Premium user you’ll gain access to the COD feature inside uDroppy’s platform.

Here the basic requirements you’ll have to meet:

  • a Shopify Store

  • a bank account (no Paypal or Payoneer) where you’ll receive the money of your sales through bank transfers

  • a solid company, or a VAT number, so to be able to sign a contract with our logistic partner

  • a PRO subscription plan in uDroppy

In addition to that you’ll have to be able to order a stock of product(s) in advance, with a MOQ of 1000 pieces, that will be send as initial stock to one of our logistic centers in Europe (Italy, Spain or Romania), and you'll have to keep a performance of at least 30 orders/day.

As anticipated, you will have to sign a contract with our logistic, partner that will take care of shipping and delivery to your final customers (they also provide additional services of call center and customer service for lead confirmation, delivery confirmation, cross sell and up sell).

It will take 3 weeks for the implementation of the COD payment collection.

From then on, you will receive the payments from the delivered orders once a week, directly to your bank account.


Schedule a call with our COD Manager.

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