A Merchant Success Manager is always there for you, whatever your need or the experience you are living.

Of course the ways he/she has to support you can vary depending on the moment of your own business journey.

If you just started the Merchant Success Manager can be your support both on the strategic side and on the small daily tasks. This means you can reach out to your Merchant Success Manager if you need help with an order, a tracking code, or a specific product, as well as if you need insights on new trending niches and products or suggestions for upsell and cross-sell.

If instead you are a more experienced entrepreneur, the Merchant Success Manager can still help you scaling up your business. You may want to start your own brand and customize your products and packages, or maybe you are planning to start taking advantages of our Virtual Warehouses and our COD features..

In all and each one of these cases your Merchant Success Manager will help you build the strategy and set up the process for you in the best way, saving you all the time you would have spent dealing with these kind and operations, so that you can instead focus on your marketing and sales.

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