The global pandemic of the last months generated a lot of problems in terms of delays in production and shipping.

We all know about it and we all experienced it.

The reasons behind it were many, and very easy to explain.

Manufacturers remained closed for many weeks, and even when reopening, they couldn’t go back to 100% productivity for a long period of time. At the same time, the amount of cargo flight was drastically reduced, make it more difficult to ship with the same performances as before, as well as same costs. Even when the goods arrived to the destination country, local carriers might not be able to work with the same standards as before, depending on the regulation of that specific country.

It’s clear that, when multiple reasons occur all together, it could lead to delays.

We can however say that the situation is gradually going back to normality. We expect shipping prices and times to go back to normal standards within one month.

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