The Virtual Warehouse feature is a game changing service that allows you to buy a stock of products, without the need to have your own warehouses because you’ll store it in ours.

From there we will ship the product to the final customer whenever you’ll receive an order.

You’ll be able to focus on your marketing while we will take care of all the operations.

Moreover, buying a product in stock allows you to decrease the unit cost, saving a lot of money, and will open up for you the chance to build your own brand, by customizing products and packages.

Read more on product customization here.

We have four different warehouses all over the world.

We are in China, Italy, Spain and Romania.

This means that if you are selling in Europe, and storing your products in our European warehouses you’ll be able to better meet the needs of your clients, thanks to fast shipping and, possibly, Cash on Delivery.

Thanks to the Virtual Warehouse you can start building a serious business, still following the dropshipping model, because you’ll have to pay shipping costs just at the moment of fulfillment.

Interested? Start this new journey right away by subscribing to our Pro plan to get access to this feature.

Still eager to know more?

Discover more in this video, where Gabriele Sibelli, head of Success Group in uDroppy, explains the advantages of this feature.

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