If your goal as digital entrepreneur is to create your own brand and see it grow we can make this dream come true.

All our Pro users can access the possibility of customize their products and packages, with a MOQ of 500 units for products and 1000 for packages.*

We can print your logo and create a tailor made cover to offer your client a even more satisfactory customer experience. You can also request specific modifications

of the product that wouldn’t be possible without our direct partnership with a network of factories worldwide.

Isn’t that enough?

You will be happy to know that we can create products from scratch for a complete customization, creating a set of branded products that meet the needs of your brand.


If you want to customize your product in any way shape or form, you just need to ask for a quotation specifying the product you are interested in and the quantity you’d like to purchase. In your request, you should give specific details about your logo (size and placement), a vectored image of the logo or print, and the type of packaging type (if you are interested in packaging customization).

Remember, in order to access this feature you must have a Pro subscription.

Take a look at this video, where Gian Maria Marsili, head of Bulk & COD in uDroppy, explains the advantages of this feature.

And now.. Contact your Merchant Success Manager to get started!

* Please consider MOQ can change according to the factory's requirements, and depending on the specific product.

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