CJ DropShipping is a Chinese company created in 2000 which provides dropshippers with different services, such as sourcing products, stocking products in warehouses, orders fulfilment, shipping of products.

uDroppy on the other hand is a complete business partner, that will help you with all the features mentioned above and more.

Let’s see together why.

We built an all-in-one platform through which you’ll be able to manage your orders, download invoices and monitor your sales. Moreover, you’ll have access to our product catalog, that is in constant update, and to our game changing features: Virtual Warehouse, COD, Private label .. and that’s only a taste!

All through the same platform.

But there’s more, our best value are the people. Our team is totally committed to always provide you with the best service possible.

Persuaded? Join uDroppy now!

Wanna read more? Check out our article on the differences between CJ and uDroppy.

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