Oberlo is a dropshipping app created for Shopify that allows dropshippers to import products directly from AliExpress. Hence, it basically works as an integration between Shopify and Aliexpress, that will allow you to import thousands of products to your Shopify store so that you can start selling them right away.

They also provide the automated fulfillment of order by automatically load every checkout page on Aliexpress and pasting your customers’ details, but being it a non-native integration with Aliexpress it happens to lose some order which you’ll have to find and fulfill manually.

The downside of Oberlo is that working with Oberlo means working with AliExpress which implies all the related problems. In fact, Oberlo does not take care of sourcing of products or logistic processes. This results in poor quality of products, long shipping times, no tracking numbers meaning a terrible customer experience, lot of refund requests and blocked payment gateways.

uDroppy on the other hand is an exclusive e-commerce platform where digital entrepreneurs can find products to sell without going through Aliexpress.

Thanks to our marketplace model, we guarantee our merchants an extensive network of suppliers, selected through a meticulous selection process, with a direct relationship with the factories, that provide us with all the products you can find within the platform. We take care of the quality control, shipping and fulfillment.

You can now manage everything within one browser tab, with just a few clicks!

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