If you can’t find a product among our already extensive catalogue, you can send a request to our sourcing team, specifying any particularities about the product you are looking for, together with your target price and target quality. This way, we can find the right manufacturer to supply the product.

To do this, go to the “Request a new Product” section on our platform and fill out the form!

You’ll be asked to put a name, a url and a short description.

The sourcing team will get right on it, so don’t worry if you don’t receive any confirmation of your request. When we have a status update for you, our support team will send you a notification!

The product will be then uploaded in our catalog, and you’ll be able to push it to your store.


Please consider that the product you request must not contain liquids, powder, fragile materials or magnets. It can be max 2Kg and the sum of the three dimensions (length, height, and thickness) cannot be more than 90cm, with a maximum length of 60cm.

Moreover, we cannot source branded products.

Also notice that the number of products you can request is related to which type of user you are: 4 product requests monthly with the Hustler Plan, 20/month with the Pro Plan.

The product request feature is not available with the free Hobby Plan.

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