There could be several reasons why an order doesn’t show up on uDroppy.

Let’s see them together:

  • the most common reason why an order could not appear on our platform is the lack of some information. Logistic centers and shipping companies require a set of information (Name, surname, shipping address, telephone number…) to be able to process and ship goods, if any of those are missing the platform won’t process the orders. Make sure to mark all these fields as mandatory in your Shopify store.

  • if the order is related to a product that has been mapped, check on the Product Mapping section of the platform, subsection of “products” from the dashboard, if it's mapped correctly. You should see a green circle next to the product, if instead it’s grey or yellow that means the mapping process has not been completed, hence we can’t process the order.

  • if the shipping destination of the final customer is not included in the list of countries we ship to, the order won’t be processed. Please consider that, working with a network of different suppliers, shipping destinations can change from one product to another. You can check them out by entering the Product detail page in the platform.

  • another reason could be that the product is considered oversize, remember that in dropshipping the max weight for each product is 2Kg. In any case this should happen less often, as we constantly review the product on our catalog to exclude the ones that don’t respect the updated dropshipping standards.

In the majority of these cases, you’ll find the orders that couldn't be processed automatically in the orders to review section, with the indication of what’s missing, or wrong.

You’ll be able to review them, and they’ll automatically go to the pending orders section, where you’ll proceed with the fulfillment.

If the orders won’t appear in the orders to review section, write to your Merchant Success Manager or to [email protected] via email, the support team will help you find the reason and solve the problem.

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