It normally takes from 9 to 15 days average for a product to get to the final customer.

During this time the product is shipped from its Chinese manufacturer to our logistic center, where it is prepared for the international journey. Once this operation is completed we ship the product all the way to the final customer.

When the parcel enters the destination country, the local postal services take care of last mile delivery.

It is very important to acknowledge that the presence of multiple stages along the way, can result in delays if there are any issues compromising the performances of anyone of the elements of the supply chain.

E.g. high volumes of packages in Q4 can lead to slower processing times and delays for the last mile delivery; we can find another example in the COVID-19 measures (still in place) that imposed a limitation on the number of flights and workforce. Also in this case such measures have an effect on shipping times.

Working with our Virtual Warehouse service or importing the product to a local warehouse/logistic center is the way to decrease shipping times all the way to an Amazon-comparable amount of days.

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