The first rule for dropshipping is that products must meet weight and volumetric weight criteria.

Even if each shipping company has its own standards, in general you can refer to epackets ones according to which a package can’t exceed 2 kg of weight or 4.4 lbs maximum and 60*90 cm in size. Therefore you can't ship a giant teddybear even it it has a low weight and you can’t ship a ream of paper that doesn’t exceed dimension limits but is more than 2 kg (2.3 in case you’ve been wondering).

Plus, shipping costs are directly proportional to weight and volume, therefore, you would want to focus on something reasonably heavy or, even better, light!

What happens if you exceed these limitations?

Heavy and bulky items follow a specific shipping procedure that leads to slower and more expensive shipping, in general we can say that this kind of shipping is outside the scope of dropshipping.

However, it can happen that “borderline” products can exceed the aforementioned limitations because of their packaging and packaging protections used to prepare the item for international flight.

In this case the Chinese customs workers will send it back to the logistic center.

In case of a “borderline” product (so a product bulky or with, let's say, a 1.9kg weight) it is not always 100% predictable if it will be sent back, and this must be considered when asking us to source such product.

In case something like this happens you can reach out to your Merchant Success Manager as well as to the support team to understand if there can be any solutions for that specific case, or to receive advice on different products to start dropshipping.

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