Aliexpress shipping goes through ePacket which exploits passenger flights and local postal services to get parcels to customers.

This type of shipping isn’t structured for eCommerce services resulting therefore vulnerable, unreliable and extremely long.

Passenger flights are more likely to be involved in restriction measures (such as the ones put in place to contrast the COVID-19 pandemic). Also packages that travel in this means must do separate custom clearance which can add a conspicuous amount of days (or weeks) to the overall shipping time negatively impacting on customer experience.

uDroppy only ships through companies specialized in cross-border shipping for eCommerce services therefore through cargo and freight flights.

The result is a faster, tracked shipping that can maintain high performances also through Q4 (and that it could still circulate during the COVID-19 pandemic for example) because they have special routes and have the flexibility to adapt to any kind of situation.

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