When you create a uDroppy account you are called to choose between three subscription plans: Hobby, Hustler and Pro.

The Hobby plan is totally FREE.

uDroppy’s Plans are organised in a progression inspired by the typical journey of a successful eCompreneur that starts with product testing and evolves into the establishment of a successful brand.

As for the free version of uDroppy, just like the name suggests, this is designed to cover the basics of Dropshipping and to test products. In other words, to support a Dropshipping project while it’s still… a Hobby!

This version allows you to access uDroppy’s Catalogue, import its products to your store and process 5 orders per week.

You obtain full access to fast shipping and to all automation features like one-click-fulfillment as well as the automated invoicing and tracking code delivery.

Moreover, you can ask quotations to our Sourcing Department for any items you intend to buy in bulk.

However, there also are some limitation. You can check the full comparison here:

Create your free uDroppy account here.

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