When you create a uDroppy account you are called to choose between three subscription plans: Hobby, Hustler and Pro.

Across all the three plans, you’ll be able to use all the basic features of uDroppy, including the general marketplace, import of products, automatic order fulfillment with tracking numbers, order management and invoicing.

The main differences are related to:

  • the number of stores you can connect (from 1 to unlimited depending on the plan you choose)

  • the number of orders you can fulfil every week (from 5 to unlimited depending on the plan)

  • the number of products you can request every month (from 0 to 20 depending on the plan)

  • the kind of support you’ll receive, from the general help center to a live chat with the Support Team, till the dedicated Merchant Success Manager in our most recommended plan.

  • the possibility to access some of our game-changing features, like Cash on Delivery and White labeling.

uDroppy is the right partner for you every step of the journey, but to fully embrace all the possibilities we offer we strongly recommend to give a try to our Pro plan, you won’t regret it!

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