The free Hobby plan guarantees the essential features of uDroppy, while also having some limitations:

  • You’ll be able to connect just one store to our platform. If you are managing multiple stores it is very convenient to manage all of them in the same platform, however if you are using the free version of uDroppy you’ll be able to connect just one. You could of course change it, deleting the old store and adding a new one if necessary, but the total will stay one.

  • Order Fulfilment is limited to 5 orders per week;

  • You’ll be able to request just 4 products/month if you don’t find them in our catalog;

  • Catalogue’s access is limited to China-based suppliers;

  • Product requests are locked;

  • You won’t have access to some of our features such as Private Labeling, Virtual Warehouse and COD;

  • You won’t have access to the Fulfillment Agreement for Payment Gateways. What is it? You can read more here;

  • Access to the eCommerce and Digital Marketing Educational program “My Grand Venture” is restricted.

The aforementioned limitations can be lifted by upgrading to a uDroppy Hustler or PRO Plan.

See full comparison here:

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