The first thing you have to do in your new uDroppy profile, is to connect your store, or stores if you have more than one.

Click on the “Connect your store” button you see in your dashboard.

In case you want to add further stores afterwards, you will have to go to the left menu and click “Store Management”.

You can additionally set a name for your shop and a label. This will help you manage multiple domains in case you have more than one store.

Once you are ready, click on “Connect”.

A Shopify page will open up asking you to accept the installation of uDroppy app. Once clicked “Install unlisted app” button you will go back to uDroppy and see the store in “My Store” section.

If you choose the Hobby or the Hustler plan, you’ll be able to connect just one store to your uDroppy account.

If instead you choose the PRO plan, the number of stores will be unlimited.

You can add, delete and manage them any moment by going to the “Store Management” section.

Want to see the process on video? Check out our tutorials:

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