Once you connected your Shopify store to uDroppy, you can start importing our products.

From the left menu on the platform, choose “Products” and then “Products Catalogue”.

You will see a grid view of our products that you can filter according to name, price or category.

If you want more information about a specific product click on it.

You will open the product detail page where you will find the description of the product, its details, its variants (if the product has any) and the shipping costs.

When the product has more than one variant, you can also choose if importing all of them, or just some, by selecting them in the dedicated table.

Once you are sure about the product, click on the “Push Selection to Store” button.

You’ll see a pop up window:

Before confirming the import of the product you can also change the product price and select the shipping option you prefer (if more than one is available).

Once you are done, click on Push.

If you want to see a video of the entire procedure, go check our tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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