After connecting your store and pushing our products, every time you will receive an order, we will receive it too.

To fulfill your orders, log into the platform and select the “Order” section and then “Orders to Pay” from the sidebar.

Here, you will see the list of your pending orders, including related information (e.g. order number, customer, store, product, date and total).

You can select all the orders you want to pay, even if from different stores, and fulfil them with only one payment.

If you want to pay all the orders together, just select them all and then click “Pay all orders”.

You can pay with Stripes and with uDroppy Virtual Funds.

N.B. The date that you make this payment is considered the fulfilment date; we will begin processing the orders from this point on.

*If you use some external applications (e.g. Zipify or Clickfunnel) to receive payments, be sure to communicate it to your Merchant Success Manager. In this way, our team will be able to make your orders visible on our platform too.

Want to see the process on video? Check out our tutorials:

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