To create a bundle you’ll have to first import the product from uDroppy to your Shopify store.

It means you’ll have to find the product in our catalog and push it to your store, following the procedure explained here.

Then, access your Shopify store and create the variants corresponding to the product quantities you want to sell.

N.B. You don’t have to modify the quantities on Shopify, just name the variants accordingly to your bundle quantities, so x2 and x3 for example.

Once you completed this operation go back to the uDroppy platform and access the product mapping section. You will see your products listed.

Select the product for which you’re creating the bundle to access its mapping table. Here you can and link the variants you just created to the main product on uDroppy and specify quantities clicking on “is Bundle” and then inserting a number.

Now save and you’re done.

Want to follow the procedure on video? Check out our tutorials:

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