uDroppy is an all-in-one automated platform, through which you can manage all the operation of your e-commerce. One example? Order fulfillment.

After connecting your store and pushing our products, every time you will receive an order it will be automatically sent to uDroppy’s platform.

To see how many orders you have, login to uDroppy’s platform and access the Order section on the sidebar, in the subsection “Orders to Pay”.

From there, you’ll see the list of your pending orders from all your shops, and the related information like order number, customer, store, product, date and total is displayed as well.

If you know you received something that is missing you may want to check the subsection “Orders to Review”.

To pay, you can select single orders or, through our one-click-fulfillment feature, just flag them all and proceed to payment by clicking on the “Pay Selected Orders” button.

You’ll be able to pay through Stripe or uDroppy Virtual funds.

Remember, the date that you make this payment is considered the fulfilment date; from this moment we will start processing your orders.

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