If you want to switch products from another supplier to uDroppy, you will have to follow a simple procedure.

First, log into the platform and from the sidebar click on “Products” and then “Product mapping”.

Once you entered the product mapping section, you’ll find a list of all the items available in your Shopify store.

Next to the product you’ll see the column "Mapping Status", depending on the color of the circle, you will see it either partially mapped, fully mapped or not mapped.

To map the desired product to one from uDroppy’s catalog select it from the list and then use the search bar to find the related uDroppy product.

Once you find the right product (you’ll easily recognize it from the photos), click on it to create the link between the one on uDroppy and your item on Shopify.

If the product has variants you will be asked to create a link between the variants on uDroppy and the ones on Shopify.

Please notice that the number of variants can be different from your product to the uDroppy one, so some of the fields might stay empty.

When you finish click on the Map Product button and you’re done.

If you want to see the whole procedure on video, check out our tutorial here.

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