Managing clients when having a dropshipping business can be challenging if you’re not aware about all the strengths and weaknesses of this business model.

While it is a low risk way of selling online and that doesn’t require big initial investments, it is important to understand that the scheme through which it develops can be fragile under certain aspects like shipping times that can vary accordingly to the moment of the year.

It is very important to be organised in terms of customer service which means working on the following aspects:

  • SETTING EXPECTATIONS: be very transparent about shipping times and about the fact that these times can vary in accordance to the moment of the year.

  • CLEAR POLICIES: your policies must be clear and easily accessible

  • SUPPORT ACCESSIBILITY: whether you decide to use a live chat rather than an email, make it simple for your customer to understand what’s the procedure in case he/she needs to contact you.

  • POST PURCHASE: a sale doesn’t end with a conversion. It is important to be with your customer through the whole process. We invite you to build a good post purchase funnel and send out an email every 3/4 days to your customer to keep them informed of the status of the delivery. If you want more information about the topic read this article. The templates in it were specifically formulated for COVID-19 delays, however you can use them as inspiration to build your own specific funnel.

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