You’ll always be able to downgrade to a lower or cheaper plan, or even to stop paying for your subscription, if you want to downgrade to the free Startup plan.

Before going through the procedure, keep in mind that you’ll have to meet the conditions of the plan you are choosing when downgrading: you will may have to choose which store(s) to keep, and you may won’t be able to access some of our features anymore.

--- Please verify all the features related to our subscription plan before downgrading your account. ---

Now let’s see the procedure together.

First of all, log into the platform, and from the arrow near your name, in the top right corner of the page, click on “My subscription”.

From there, click on your current subscription from the menu on the left, and then on “Current plan”. There, you’ll see a short description of your current subscription plan, and below the “Change plan” section.

Select the card for the plan you want to downgrade to and click “Select”.

A pop up will appear, tick the “Yes, I would like to proceed” box, and then “Update”.

Consider that the change will be immediately effective, and the difference rate you previously paid will be stored as credit for the following month(s).

You’ll receive an email with the payment confirmation and the invoice attached.

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