One aspect that is crucial for the dropshipper to understand is that when it comes to this form of eCommerce in particular, shipping times can vary for numerous reasons and cannot be guaranteed.

Drophipping has a long supply chain involving many different actors.

This means that there can be several reasons for which a delay can occur: delays related to the manufacturing process, delays in local transportation from the manufacturer to the logistic center.

Not only, but also the sorting and preparations for international shipping performed by the logistic center can vary in processing days depending on the volume of packages and quality control operations.

When the package leaves China and reaches the destination country, there will be customs to clear, that even if efficient, can suffer for high volumes of packages as well as procedure changes (for example during COVID-19).

Finally the package reaches destination country and is taken by last mile delivery carrier for final delivery. Also in this case national transportation to final customer can suffer delays.

As you can see the long supply chain makes the whole system vulnerable to delays, therefore the shipping times indicated must always be interpreted as a general indication.

Even if exceeding these times isn’t the rule, you should always operate considering the worst case scenario and calibrate communications to your customers as well as your store’s policies on this basis.

The only way of decreasing the chances of delays to happen is to reduce the number of passages needed for the product to reach its purchaser.

Once a product is tested and has received the market validation needed to scale, you can consider working with our Virtual Warehouse feature to give a cut to these times and overall benefit from a more stable system.

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