When your customer places an order, he receives a tracking number that will allow him to trace the product once it’s shipped.

This tracking code will update itself at every change of status.

There are some phases of the shipment for which your customer will perceive information about that tracking number as static, for example: when the package is in transit towards destination country, during custom clearance and sometimes also during last mile delivery.

In this last case please be careful to any tracking reassignments that might take place during delivery process.

In fact, national courier/postal service might reassign the tracking code for internal management purposes, but once the package is in their hands for last mile delivery, your customer will have to use the new tracking code to obtain info about the status of the shipping.

The re-assigned code is in the delivery status page linked to that tracking code.

The tracking system implemented on 17track.net is very user friendly, but you still want to be accessible and available for those customers who are less familiar with online shopping and might need clarifications about the status of their shipments.

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