When using the Product Request features in the platform you have to remind that some limitations apply.

The product you request:

  • must not contain liquids,

  • must not contain powder,

  • must not contain fragile materials,

  • must not contain magnets,

  • must not be a sharp item,

  • must not be an illegal item,

  • must not be a branded product.

Regarding its dimensions:

  • the product can be max 2Kg,

  • the sum of the three dimensions (length, height, and thickness) cannot be more than 90cm, with a maximum length of 60cm.

Also notice that the number of products you can request is related to which type of user you are: 4 product request monthly with the Hustler Plan, 20/month with the Pro Plan.

The product request feature is not available in the free Hobby Plan.

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