My Grand Venture (MGV) is uDroppy's educational platform for eCompreneurs who want to learn how to build and scale their E-Commerce Businesses.

Not one online course but the online courseS, where you'll find up to date, actionable content about eCommerce, Dropshipping and Digital Marketing.

In My Grand Venture you will learn 360° how to create a store that converts and how to run advertising campaigns. From the basics to more sophisticated strategies, in other words, whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will always find value and learn how to master strategies that are proven to be working right now.

Each video-course is co-created with industry leaders with proven track records, in collaboration with uDroppy’s best Dropshippers and Partners. People that sell online successfully for a living and that therefore have your same priorities and needs.

What do you need to access it?

Just log in to MGV with the same credentials of your uDroppy account and start you course right away.

MGV is 100% free for uDroppy’s active Hustler and Pro customers (not available on the Free Hobby Plan).

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